Consortium for bivalve molecular and genetics research

Golden Mussel Genome Crowdfunding

Come and see the first crowdfunding initiative to sequence a genome

Mytilus galloprovincialis transcriptome

The european species has been the research model for many groups to study gene expression

Environmental monitoring using mussels

More than just tastefull, mussels help us understanging and knowing our environment

Invasive mussels

Mussels are among the most agressive invasive species

Perna perna, the brown mussel

This tropical species can be found in Africa and South America

Featuring today

Invasive mussels are a threat to biodiversity

Fish over eat the food resource and die of indigestion

Bio Bureau Biotechnology

A biotechnology company that uses bivalve genes to produce innovation

Chemicals from the lab in the environment

Does your lab care about your own wastewater?
This organization was created during the 27th ESCPB (European Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry) meeting in 2010 in Alessandria, Italy. A group of researchers interested in the use of bivalves as a research model for environmental and biomedical purposes, decided to join efforts producing and assembling sequences from Sanger and NSG methods to elucidate the genome of the blue mussel Mytilus edulis. Since then, the initiative has grown and we are getting ready to host and give BLAST access to sequences from inumerous bivalves genome and transcriptome projects.
If you would like to access the data, please, hold tight, we will release it soon. If you want to contribute with DNA data, please write to and we will let you know how to proceed.